New Russian Passport in Los Angeles

Registration of a new Russian passport to Russian citizens.


Attention! According to the new rules, submission of documents for registration of a passport is carried out in PERSON by appointment at the Consulate As well as for obtaining a ready passport, the applicant’s PERSONAL presence at the Consulate of Russia is required.


Our specialists will professionally prepare all the necessary documents: copies, your photos, we will make an appointment at the Consulate, as well as fill in the consular forms and questionnaires so that they exactly meet the official requirements.


Please note that Your passport must be valid or at least one of the passports (domestic or foreign) at the time of application at the Consulate General of Russia.


Citizens who do not have a valid passport or a valid internal passport must first apply for confirmation of Russian citizenship.


To apply for a zangranport, you must complete and sign the application and send it together with the package of documents or to our e-mail or mail to our address.


The cost of our services for a passport:

– 10 years. $200.

– 5 years $150.

You can also ask for help in the preparation of documents directly to our office, conveniently located in the city center.




Sign and send these forms of consular questionnaires. Our experts will prepare for You all consular forms and questionnaires after filling out the order form.

– Application form for the issuance of ZP (bilateral, in 1 copy.) in printed form with a clear filling without cuts and omissions of all items. The surname specified in item 1 of the application form shall coincide with a surname in the internal Russian passport, in addition all previously available surnames, names and patronymics are specified. In item 7 – data on the Russian internal passport. In item 15 – data on labor activity for the last 10 years, including outside Russia. (If You did not work, you should write: “temporarily did not work”, “served in the armed forces, V. CH. N _ _ _ _ ” or “housewife” indicating the period of time and the address where they lived at that time. Data on education, including educational institutions in the United States, are also provided);

Additionally, to prepare and send:

A valid passport and an internal passport (if any) or a copy thereof;

4 identical passport size photos (color, full face 3.5 by 4.5 cm); 10-year-old passport photos are taken at the reception in the consular Department;

Photocopy of a document confirming Your U.S. status: green card, visa, U.S. immigration and naturalization certificate or U.S. passport. If your name in the us document is different from your Russian passport, you must also provide a copy of the confirmation of the change of name

Photocopy of your local Driver License or State Issued ID;

Check or money order issued by Dokument USA

For a passport for 10 years -$200.00

For passport for 5 years – $150.00

If You have changed your name in the United States on the basis of marriage to a us citizen, and you want to issue a passport to a new name, you must submit a marriage certificate with the obligatory indication of the change of name or a court decision to change the name with a translation into Russian and “Apostille” obtained in the state Secretariat. Our office provides additional translation services, as well as obtaining an Apostille.

Depending on the situation, the package of documents may vary. For immediate information You can contact us by phone and You will be given a free consultation on registration of the passport.




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