Certificate of Being Alive



According to the Regulations “On the order of payment of pensions to the citizens leaving (left) for permanent residence outside the Russian Federation” approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 510 of July 8, 2002 for continuation of payment of pension in each next year it is necessary to provide in the body performing pension provision the certificate confirming the fact of stay of the pensioner alive as of December 31 of the previous year. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the time of submission of such a document after December 31.


To obtain a certificate, You need to provide information and attach the following documents:


Surname, Name, Patronymic

U.S. residential address (state, city, street, house, apartment, zip code); Telephone (including area code)

The address where you lived in Russia before leaving for the United States for permanent residence (for those who are in the United States at a permanent place of residence and is registered in the Consulate General).

– Pensioners who are currently registered in Russia, you must specify the address of residence

A copy of the Russian passport*, a copy of the document confirming the address of residence in the United States

Payment in the form of “Money order”: 140$ or 190$  for persons who do not have Russian citizenship, issued on “Russian Universal Services”.


* Copies of the pages of the current Russian passport with Your photo, passport data and a mark on the consular registration (persons who have left the United States for permanent residence and removed from the registration in Russia, must be registered at the Consulate.


If the passport has expired, you must first apply for a new passport.


The certificate shall be sent by the pensioner in the social protection authority at the place of accrual of pension on their own, if the pension is calculated in Russia. The Consulate General, at the request of the pensioner, can send the certificate to the Pension Fund of Russia, if the pension is transferred to the United States.


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all practical pension issues, with the exception of those mentioned above, are resolved by the Pension Fund and local social protection bodies in Russia. Therefore, for the timing and size of the transfer of pensions in foreign currency to the United States, delays in payment and other specific issues, please contact:


119991, Moscow, street Shabolovka, d. 4, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, Management of pensions of citizens living abroad, contact phone number of Department: (499)972-9385, Fax management: (499) 959-8353.


By Fax to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation should be sent information about the change of address of residence in the United States or Bank account details, as well as issues related to the calculation of pensions. Documents that are the basis for the payment of pension (application, certificate of permanent residence, certificate certifying the fact of being alive) are not accepted by Fax. Their originals should be sent to the Pension Fund only by mail.




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