Russian Passport Exchange Children in Los Angeles

For registration of the passport for children under 18 years (a separate passport can be issued to a child of any age), parents submit the following documents:


consent from the second parent in writing (the consent is accompanied by a copy of the first page with a photo of the valid passport of the second parent), certified by a local notary;


application for a foreign passport (1 copy), filed on behalf of one of the parents, indicating the data of the parent In paragraph 14 entered data on the child (Name, day, month and year of birth). In paragraph 15 indicates the last place and address of work of the parent (if you do not work, then write, indicating the address of residence). Then in the middle of the line is written: “Information about the child” and then indicate the month and year of study at school, Institute, etc. If the child does not study anywhere, then write – “lives with parents” with the indication in the appropriate boxes of the address of residence in Russian and the date from which You live at this address;


4 identical photos of the parent and 6 identical photos of the child (length – 4.5, width – 3.5 cm), the size of the face in the photo should not exceed 3×2.5 cm.;


– original or certified copy of the child’s birth certificate;


old child’s passport (if issued);


passport of the parent who submitted the application ( if the child is already included in the valid passport of one or both parents, then when you make a separate passport to the child, it must be simultaneously excluded from the parent passports);


a copy of the marriage certificate of the child’s parents and documents confirming the legal status of stay in the United States of parents and child;


– a child who at the time of submission of documents for a passport is 14 years old, you must also write a personal application (form arbitrary) to issue a passport.


– a copy of the expired passport of the parent in which the child was entered


money order in the amount of 370 plus 30 dollars, if the parent’s passport excludes a child (keep in mind that exclude a child from the passport, which is also subject to exchange, should not be);


Proceed from the fact that the passport of a child from 14 to 18 years through the Consulate General takes at least 3 months.


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