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USA Fiancee Visas for K-1’s from ALL Countries. The Fiancee Visa Getting your papers filled in correctly.


The Fiancee Visa: Don’t Feel Intimidated. It’s just paperwork.


This process is, mostly, a matter of getting your papers filled in correctly. The vast majority of applicants have problems simply because various requirements on the Immigration forms appear ambiguous. If you ever had the opportunity to see this Fiancee Visa process done correctly 2-3 times, you would likely conclude that the process is rather simple and straightforward. There’s nothing complicated about this process once you know what you are doing. We’ve filled out these forms many times and have never made a mistake in doing so.


If you have an actual legal problem, then by all means – hire an attorney. We are not attorneys and cannot by law provide legal advice. We have, however, been through the process “personally” as well as many times with our clients. You have in us people who understand what you are about to go through. So, if you don’t have a legal problem and your Fiancee Visa application is legitimate, it’s just a matter of getting your papers filled in correctly. That’s it. There is no mystery about this process and there is no reason to suffer through a lot of angst by being left hanging in the dark while this process is underway.


There are some people out on the Net (bet you can guess which ones) who may tell you that is “illegal” to have anyone else fill in your K-1 paperwork “other” than an “Attorney”. This is NOT the case, just as you do NOT need to hire a CPA to have your taxes completed. Your UNCLE NED can help you fill in your K-1 if you want without ANY worry of any “legalities/laws” being broken. Don’t be “fooled” into listening to “scare” tactics. You may call the Attorney Generals Office OR the US CIS in Washington D.C. and you will be told that you can have “anyone” “YOU” choose to assist you with the forms etc. and that there is NOTHING remotely “illegal” about it!!!!


If you hire an attorney, what are the odds that he/she is going to actually do the paperwork? If you call with a question about some particular point or problem, but the actual actual paperwork is being performed by a subordinate, you won’t likely be given direct access to the person filling out your forms. You’ll have to conduct your inquiries directly through the attorney or his/her secretary – who in turn might have to first consult with a assistant/paralegal for your particulars in order to provide the answer/s. If you do run into a snag, how long do you suppose it will take to get the communications passed around (without degredation) in order to get any problems corrected? Result: More cost, less access and, potentially, more of your time invested.


What we feel makes us so much more practical is that not only do we charge much less, but we do the paperwork ourselves and we answer the phone/e-mail if you have a problem and need help. Result: Less cost, direct access to the person actually filling out your forms and at a savings of your time.


You should know


B-2 Visitor Visas- The “odds” of your lady receiving a “b-2” visitor visa are approximately 1 in 100 for the US Embassy to come to the USA for a visit.




The Fiancee Visa is referred to as a K-1 visa or I-129 visa. This is the only viable way to bring your fiancee into America. Other means, such as obtaining a travel or visitors visa are nearly impossible. People who have tried having others sponsor their fiancees have also run into problems with the US Embassy holding or denying their visa applications . Possessing a B-1/B-2 visitor visa is, sometimes, a gray area where women have actually been arrested by Immigration and Naturalization officers once they have landed on U.S. soil. Deportation and a restriction can be placed on his/her future Fiancee Visa applications for an extended period, possibly 3-5 years.


Others have tried to buck the system and marry in their fiancee’s country. Unfortunately, they soon found themselves mired a paperwork jungle, taking 3-4 times as long, and sometimes not succeeding at all in having their fiancees declared eligible to enter the U.S.


You must be a registered U.S. citizen to file for a Fiancee Visa. You must have met your fiancee PERSONALLY within the two years prior to your application. You must also prove the ability to provide financial support her financially in order for her to come to the U.S. You and your fiancee must be free and legal to marry. If either you or your fiancee have previously been married, you must be either divorced, widowed or the marriage officially annulled before applying for a fiancee visa.


You may have heard that 35-45% of the Fiancee Visa petitions filed are not initially approved. This seems accurate. Most of the time the problem is a mistake in filling out the paperwork or lack of inclusion of some paperwork. When this happens, you are sent a letter asking you to send the proper documentation or possibly to resubmit the entire application. The sad part about this is that you must now wait again to see if your paperwork is now finally correct. If not, the whole circle begins again, possibly taking months to correct. Your application can be denied if the documentation is incorrect, not “refused”, as the US Government would not wish to use these words. But, it means the same thing in actuality. This is within their legal rights as the “accepting” country. Having a visa “denied” reflects upon you, as your fiancee will surely have friends who had no problems obtaining a visa through us or another agency. And, they will question your sincerity in wanting your fiancee as a spouse, even though you are an “innocent” bystander in the matter.


Once your application has been approved, your fiancee must go to the U.S. Embassy and talk with a consulate official who will ask her questions regarding the information on the application. The official will ask “trick questions” during this embassy interview (standard procedure). If she fails to answer the questions satisfactorily, the official may order an investigation that can possible take up to 1 year to conclude. We provide you with the answers and tell you what questions are asked to insure you will not have any problems. This also relaxes your fiancee. Knowing what to expect during the interview is critically important. If your fiancee is well prepared, she will be calm, confident and accurate during the interview and this is very, very important. We offer this level of assistance because we have gone through all of this ourselves and know the pitfalls that await those that are improperly prepared.


Once your fiancee arrives in the U.S. and passes through customs, you have 90 days from the time her passport is stamped to get legally married. If you do not marry for some reason, she will have to return to her native country. This does not mean that you cannot resubmit another request for a Fiancee Visa in the future.


After marriage there is more paperwork to fill out and we can assist you with this, too. We do not abandon you once your fiancee has arrived, as do some other agencies. We offer complete and total services to you to assure your satisfaction in the visa process.


Most of all, we fill your papers in correctly.


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What We Offer:

– We offer complete service to guide you through the entire Fiancee Visa process.

– We ensure your documentation is correctly completed.

– We inform you and your fiancee about what will be taking place during the interview process.

– We send to your fiancee a list of “Questions most likely asked during the interview.

– We make sure you know what documentation she will need prior to the invitation from the Embassy for her interview. This way she will have a “jump” on what is needed.

– We tell you how to approach the interview and medical portions of the visa requirements. In short, your fiancee will have an “advantage” over others who are going through the interview process because of our guidance and advice.

– We give you a “personal” view of what is to occur, what questions will be asked and how your fiancee should act and react at this stage of the process to ensure acceptance of your Fiancee Visa application.

– We do everything necessary to make sure your Fiancee Visa application is approved the first time.

– We can also guide you and your fiancee through the maze of INS paperwork and documentation necessary after she arrives in the USA.

– We can advise you, guiding you through each step in the process after your wedding. We want you to have a long, happy life with your spouse and nothing brings us more joy than hearing about your marital bliss.

– Since we are not attorneys, and we do all the work ourselves, we do not need to charge the high fees that are typically charged by attorneys. Certainly, in some cases, where actual legal problems might exist, we will forthrightly recommend that an attorney is retained. But, if all you really need is help getting the documentation completed and filed, why spend a great deal of extra money for legal assistance you do not need? In fact, how many attorneys actually do this paperwork themselves? Many do not and forward the work to office staff or paralegal assistants. If you call an attorney for information, how likely is it that he/she will have immediate access to the answers you are seeking? We do the work, we answer the phone and e-mail – and we answer your questions.

– We accept payment by cashiers check, money order or personal check. (Checks must clear before any visa processing is done.)

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