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U.S. Second valid passport is a MUST for individuals who travel frequently can become confused about the visa requirements needed for extended visits to some countries. In order to acquire necessary visas, a second valid passport may be necessary. Getting a second passport is also a good idea when traveling between countries where security may be an issue. It is important to understand that when applying for a second passport, you must be able to give a valid reason for your request, and the government must approve the decision.

In some instances, visas that show you have been to other specific countries may deny you entry into their country. Another valid reason that a second passport might be granted is that you need a passport for immediate travel but it is unavailable because of delays in the application process. Basically, if you are able to complete your travels with a single original passport, the second passport will not be issued.

If you require a second valid passport for your travel needs, follow the directions below. The DS-82 Form must be completed online. We can help you with the details of the application for getting a second passport and help to expedite the process. Applying for a second passport is a simple process when you rely on the experienced and knowledgeable help from Russian Universal Services

Be sure to contact us prior to sending your passport request. We offer emergency services that busy travelers rely on, whether you are planning well in advance or making last-minute discoveries that must be quickly addressed. Let us help you take the steps towards getting the passport that you need in a timely manner!




Passport Application (Form DS-82)
Please download and fill out this application form. Be sure to sign and date your application.


Passport Application must be completed online.


Letter of Authorization
Please print out 2 copies of this letter. Fill out all the necessary information and sign.


Two Passport Photos
Photos must be recent, identical, 2×2 inches, not from a vending machine.
More on photo requirements


Your original 10 years undamaged passport
-Please make sure that your old passport:
– Your original US Passport is valid.
– You were over the age of 16 at the time.
– You have not legally changed your name since the issue date.


If you cannot comply with at least one of the above or your old passport is damaged you have to apply for a new passport

NOTE: Your previous passport will be returned to you with your new passport.


Travel Itinerary (Rush Service Only )
– Copy of a plane ticket to a foreign country, or
– Copy of a travel itinerary with the applicant’s name showing dates and flight info, or if neither is available and traveling for business


– Certified Check or Money Order payable to the
US Department of State” for $170

– Certified Check or Money Order payable to the
Dokument USA.”:

– for $550 for 5 business day service;
– for $200 for 4-6 weeks service;
– for $150 for 12-14 weeks service.


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For faster service and accurate tracking we recommend using FedEx. Please make sure that the following documents are included:


– Signed and dated Application Form (DS-82)

– Expired Passport

– Two (2) Passport Photos

– Signed Letter of Authorization

– Travel Itinerary (Rush Service only)

– Certified Check or Money Order for $170 payable to “US Department of State.”

– Certified Check or Money Order for required service payable to
Dokument USA.”


Our Address:
Dokument USA.,
1123 N Fairfax Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Renewing US Passport – US Passport Renewals




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